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Ocean Freight Forwarding Support Services

By leveraging our robust and long-term carrier relationships, Mandlis Informatics offers you flexible, reliable, and secure ocean freight solutions. Clienteles value our expertise in international Ocean Freight Shipping BPO Servicesacross a global network that spans several countries and regions. They value the capability to link with other services such as air freight forwarding, multimodal transport, cross-border services, or customs house brokerage.

Export and Import Documentation

Documentation is at the very core of international trade without it. There is no agreement, no transport, and no payment. Always different regulations and trade procedures can make things very complicated. And in a business setting where time is money, it is crucial you get it the right first time.

By partnering with Mandlis Informatics , you will profit from our decades of involvement in handling import and export paperwork, which means the fewer risk of customs penalties and delays.

Track and Trace

Mandlis Informatics Container Track & Trace connects carrier information with actual vessel whereabouts, providing real-time data that empowers you to take action before things go wrong in your logistics chain. Appreciate thoroughly combined shipment overviews, actionable details, plus performance statistics to increase your efficiency long-term.

Milestone track and trace

Mandlis Informatics track and trace manages all your international shipments from a single window. Alert your team, your agents, and your clients for essential milestones, hassle-free. Sign Up Track shipments. You can trail loads carried by all shipping lines, multiple agents on a single screen. One system for your imports and exports. One method for keeping you

Rate and Contract Management

Mandlis Informatics has developed rich contract management functionality that can handle multimodal agreements with significant flexibility, provide for ease of set-up and role-based access. We upkeep thousands of contracts and millions of rate lines in real time. Customizable geography definitions for lanes, zones, transfer times, valid dates, and notification of expiring contracts can be unified into carrier profiles.

Mandlis Informatics contract management competencies also aid the access of “Reseller Contracts.” “Reseller Contracts” are agreements between a shipper and its clienteles in which it is passing along the prices of a shipment through a carrier with a margin, or otherwise.

AP and AR Management

AP & AR are the utmost important and critical processes in the ocean freight business. As when it comes to purchasing ocean goods and services, Businesses face substantial, costly, and flawed A/P Processes, so the improvements there may lead to a considerable impact on an organization. Mandlis Informatics helps Ocean Freight Forwarding support Services Organizations to run their business process more efficiently and more profitably with their AP & AR Functions.

Lead Generation and Marketing Services

Our Ocean freight leads can help you grow! We generate and collect information on potential clients. The instance we receive the completed form information through the internet, it is instantly directed to your email in real time for action on your part. Our Ocean freight lead delivery system for ocean freight is state of the art and permits us to direct leads as soon as it is created on our websites. We help you increase your conversion rates tremendously by targeting the prospect that fits your business.

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