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Logistics Support Services Canada

Logistics Support Services Canada

Mandlis Informatics is your one-stop solution for the efficient delivery of your goods, helps you in attaining a decreased value of the invoices as well as the online delivery of the essentials to your business partners or your customers. A business is incomplete without reliable logistics support services in Canada. With Mandlis, you can get your business to lend one of the best services for logistics support.

So before discussing the logistics support services in Canada, it is important to have a clear vision of logistics and what role does it play in boosting a business. In simple terms, logistics is the means through which you can stand in competition when it comes to supply chain management. As a business, one of the motives should be the fast delivery of goods as well as leaving your customer satisfied.

Our Services


Invoice Processing

Border Clearance       Documentation

Freight Audit

Track and Trace

Driver Check Calls

AP and AR       Management

Rate and Contract       Management

Lead Generation       and Marketing Services


Export and Import       Documentation

Track and      TraceMileston track and       trace

Rate and      ContractManagement

AP and AR       Management

Lead Generation      andMarketing Services


Export and Import       Documentation

Track and      TraceMileston track and       trace

Rate and      ContractManagement

AP and AR       Management

Lead Generation      andMarketing Services


ISF and B3 form       Generation

ACI manifest

Separation      andIndexing

RMD Real Time

RMD Front End Entry

NAFTA Verification


Pars Entry Services

About Services

All this is possible once you hire logistics support services in Canada. Mandlis Informatics is emerging as the to-go person for logistics. The main reason is the in-depth experience of logistics possessed by the team of professionals as well as the processes undertaken by them for the correct optimization of the initiatives of your supply chain management.

The Mandlis team consists of efficient professionals who help in undergoing comprehensive training that abides by the industry needs and standards. Hence, it is made sure that the people have deep knowledge regarding logistics and can produce the expected outcomes. The main aim behind this is to render beneficial support and service to the customers and achieving the goal of supply chain excellence side by side.


Freight Management

The Mandlis team is a trusted source for providing freight management services when it comes to the import as well as the export of goods. A track record is maintained regarding the shipping.

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Custom Brokerage

We offer diverse logistics support slots to manage the custom tasks without any delays. We believe in offering a full-fledged menu to offer the Logistic support services in Canada regarding.

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Warehousing & distribution

Mandlis Informatics has proficiency in transmission from the initial stages, execution as well as proper utilization of the warehouse as well as the sharing solutions. Also, you get access

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Project Logistics

The support services in Canada offer a great quantum of management for both the jumbo and heavy cargo. Mandlis Informatics well understands the requirements of know-how, knowledge as well as experience.

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Ground Transportation

The Logistics support services in Canada work to provide the best quality of service and experience to the customers. They have contracts with key carriers to help the customers.

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Supply Chain Solutions

The Logistics support services in Canada is a team that works dedicatedly to fulfill all the customer’ needs and requirements through logistics. Contracts are signed so as to help

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Industry Logistics

No matter what kind of operations is carried on by any business, there are specific logistics needs and requirements that cannot and should not be overlooked.
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Value Added Service

By offering the value added services services, Mandlis aims to settle your inventory needs as per the market trends. This will help your business grow as an esteemed service.
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Vehicle tracking and status reporting

Once you try the vehicle tracking while letting out your services to the customers, not only will you be more reliable and trust worthy, but you will also be able to get through first hand reliable information.
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Project planning

We at Mandlis make use of a procedure that draws your resources and utilizes the expertise for generating the solutions for requirements that are product specific. The aim is to provide a kind of solution that forms a strong procedure and equipment as the base for the establishment of a dedicated and professional working team.

Route feasibility analysis

Mandlis Informatics provides a route probability tool that renders help to various airports, airlines as well as policymakers to review the feasible options related to the airline routes. This tool is known to offer data on these airplane routes that promise the development of a route feasibility tool. Also, it is very effective if you want to assist the underserved network for the potential of any airport.

Equipment and vehicle design options

The equipment and vehicle design options help in providing outstanding support to both the export as well as the import needs. The automotive finished vehicle transportation makes use of the oceans, rails, and the road mode very nicely. These help in expanding the business and size of operations quite well.

Transportation of general, heavy and over-dimensional consignments

We have the ability to lift consignments that weigh a maximum of 240 tons. As far as the solitary consignments are concerned, as much as 6,000 tons can be lifted without undergoing any time or machine-related delays. The services are provided by a spectacular team that takes up the transportation in a pre-planned manner.

Loading and unloading Management

Mandlis is becoming a part of a global economy on a very large scale. Their operations are extended to various places completing their objectives. The services help you in reaching a larger audience with better suppliers and help you establish your business at different corners. Also, they ensure that your goods are handled well and are delivered without any damage or delays. The loading, as well as the unloading management services, are something to look up to.

Multi-modal transportation

The transport, as well as the system for transit, helps in the rationalizing of the benefits rendered by each the modes of transport. All these things are quite crucial for better transportation of all things from one place to the other.

Design and fabrication of tools and structures

We have the ability to lift consignments that weigh a maximum of 240 tons. As far as the solitary consignments are concerned, as much as 6,000 tons can be lifted without undergoing any time or machine-related delays. The services are provided by a spectacular team that takes up the transportation in a pre-planned manner.

Organizing clearances

Mandlis Informatics has tie-ups with many different though concerning firms that help in obtaining clearances from the authorities for easy functioning of the logistics.

Freight forwarding and custom clearance

If you are picking up any random person to manage and take care of your customer brokerage, it might be a difficult task. The consignments need to be passed from the custom clearances. This might be inclusive of the warehousing as well as the storing fees. However, if you happen to get troubles in the customs brokerage, chances are that you might have to undergo heavy shipment charges.

The Logistics support services in Canada, make sure that the freight is forwarded in the correct time span, and hence, you need to undergo the randomly unexpected expenses.

Domestic services

There are domestic services for packages also available for the sensitive and urgent customers’ nee.

Premium Express

The delivery with Mandlis Informatics is possible to both urban and rural areas. You won’t be experiencing any delays, risks and unprofessionalism.

New world retail

For an effortless transaction, Mandlis provides its services at your doorstep. We aim to provide an array of convenient services to our customers for a strong future relationship.

International freight

The express and couriers, tracking and tracing, documentation and much more are simplified with the help of the Mandalis professionals who offer their aid and assistance for International freight.

Priority services

For a satisfied and esteemed customer base, Mandlis has segregated its services with respect to various multinational and other companies.

International services

There are a lot of risk and security issues for the overseas transfer of goods and services. The International services offered by Mandlis Informatics are worth a pick owing to their globe network and cross border efficiency.


Why should you opt for the services offered by Mandlis Informatics?

As mentioned, logistics is that part of business support that is responsible for the smooth functioning of the supply chain management.

These services make sure that all the goods are delivered on time and you also have a customer base that is satisfied and relies on your services. The team working to serve the logistic support services in Canada work well to optimize the supply chain initiatives and achieve excellence similarly.